About Us

Mainstreet Shoes is a small, independent ladies shoe store in the historic, regional New South Wales town of Queanbeyan.

We are three women with lifelong difficulty finding shoes for our feet in the regular stores. Between us we have bunions, wide feet, high arches, high insteps, swollen ankles and narrow heels. Shoes in many mainstream stores tend to be a standard 'B' width and one shape. This is not helpful for us and many other women. Only a small sector of ladies have feet that fit these shoes without any issues. The rest of us end up with blisters, aching feet and hobbling after a few hours.

When we did find shoes they were always boring - in fact most shoes in the shopping centres are boring black and beige. Black and beige have their place, but should not be the only thing. We wanted pretty shoes, different shoes, colourful shoes.

And so here we are. We hold limited numbers of different, colourful, comfortable shoes in different shapes and widths. We hold shoes for narrow feet, wide feet, regular feet. High insteps and arches. Swollen feet. Bunions. And funky looking shoes for othotics. We only get one or two shoes in each size for each style, so you are not going past it all the time - if you want to be different you don't want to see it on everybody else.

At the end of the day we follow our belief that every woman deserves good quality shoes that don't cost the Earth - and are right for our feet, so they don't end up an expensive ornament in the bottom of our wardrobe.