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Made in Poland, the history of Maciejka dates back to 1997. Started with just several people and the production of two models of footwear. Currently, Maciejka produce over two hundred types of shoes, employing a group of several dozen qualified professionals.

As a company with a recognized brand, Maciejka focus on the best contractors, thanks to which their products are characterized by the highest quality and endurance for use. An important feature of the products is also their original appearance. Designing they follow their own paths creating unique shoe designs. Modern technologies combined with design adapted to the trends in fashion are the hallmarks of Maciejka products.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with Maciejka - we guarantee competitive prices and successful shopping. Women's footwear from Maciejka Footwear is characterized by comfort and elegance. We recommend Maciejka fashionable footwear to every woman who values ​​innovative solutions.