So why buy from us?

So why buy from us?

Tascha LoadsmanJune 02, 2018

So why us?

What reason would you might have to buy from us versus a chain store in Westfield or another online store?

What makes us different?

First and foremost, we care.

We care if you have the right shoe. Does it fit properly, does it suit you, is it right for the event you need it for or the lifestyle you lead? We have been known to often tell people not to buy a particular shoe because we can see that it is going to rub, pinch, slip or hurt their feet some other way in the long run.


We are fastidious about quality. We were tired of buying shoes that fell apart, didn't last, peeled, sweated and more. So we make sure that the shoes and other items we get in store are good quality. If not we send them back before they even get on the shelves. The majority of our shoes are leather, which makes them best for comfort and durability.


Our premise is that everyone should have access to good quality shoes that don't cost the earth. We look hard for shoes that are no more expensive than any chain shoe store, but are better quality. On top of this we also put the last pair of any shoe down to half price, so someone can score themsevles a bargain.

Be Different

One of the things we love about our store is that we strive to be different. We were sick of seeing the same shoes everywhere we went - NSW, ACT, QLD, SA, NT, WA, TAS or VIC - it was all the same. So we ensure that we hold differnt stock to what you will find in the mainstream stores.


Because we try to be different, we are cognizent that you don't want to be passing the same shoe you have all the time. So we only get six or nine pairs of any style of shoe. This way you are sure to have something different to everyone around you.

All this together makes us stand out from the crowd. We care, quality is important to us, we don't want your shoes to cost the earth, we want you to showcase your personality and be different and feel special with your exclusive shoes.



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