Saturday Feels

Saturday Feels

Tascha LoadsmanApril 06, 2019

Saturday. A day of contrasts - style and comfort. 

Being able to dismiss the constraints of the work week wardrobe, Saturday is a day for breaking out your personality in your wardrobe. During the week we are all very conscious of the image we are portraying - is it appropriate for my position, is it emitting the right vibe and image. More sedate and boring choices are common - and the doldums of being confimed to conservative styles can wear us down by the end of the working week. Sometimes it is too easy to fall into the habit of wearing the same boring colours in our time off. This is when we should be refreshing how we feel and look with some colour and personality. The splash of leaping out of the norm can be energising and freeing - something that is often lost as we are busy reconciling ourselves to 'adulting'.

Another by product of our work wardrobe is that we are often in clothes and shoes that do not offer optimum comfort. Our feet hurt at the end of the day, our clothes scatchy or rubbing. Saturday should be a day of comfort. Although it would be nice to spend the entire day in our lounge around the house clothes it really isn't possible for so many reasons. It is worth remembering, just because we have to venture out to do our adult chores, does not mean we have to be uncomfortable again. 

Boots like 'Ultra' are a great addition to our winter wardrobe. The comfort of flats, the durability of boots (for those of us tromping around sporting fields), and the funky style all combine to make a great Saturday - cheery, relaxing and stylish all at once.

So join me in what should be everyones Saturday feels - Comfy Fashionista!

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