Mother's Day

Our small store is owned by a mother of 5 boys and has had her share of interesting Mother's Day gifts. Bath salts (when there was no bath in the house due to renovations), coffee mugs (to add the the plethora she already had) and chocolates (sabotaging her efforts to clean up her diet) - like most Mums, these are just some of the better gifts she's received, smiled and hugged her kids and other half for.

While as Mothers we are always grateful to be acknowledged and thanked on Mother's Day for all the things we do in the background to keep our families lives on track, there are often many other things that we would love to feel truly spoiled - and our families who are trying to please us could have better spent their money on.

A gift voucher is a great way of giving your Mum options to get something she would really like - but often won't buy for any number of reasons, from mother's guilt to lack of justification or lack of funds.

Here at Mainstreet Shoes we are very aware of this and are offering 10% off gift vouchers from now until 11:59pm on Mother's Day (for those who need to grab something online at the last minute)! These have no expiry date and can be used for any purchase - big, small, partial payment, layby payment and even for items on sale. No restrictions.

A gift voucher doesn't have to be for a large amount to get something worthwhile either. We have beautiful scarves for $25, socks for $14.95, necklace and earring sets for $50, hats for $35.... the list goes on. Of course, you can always help Mum get a beautiful pair of shoes, boots or a handmade coat by Myra Jess Fabric Sculptress for Winter.

Sometimes, the freedom to choose something for herself is the best gift you can give your Mum.

Use code ILOVEMYMUM at checkout to get 10% off your gift card for Mum.

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